Bantr Inc introduces digital program for corporate and charitable golf tournaments.

Toronto based tech company Bantr Inc. combines live-streaming and social media to enhance the digital presence of corporate and charitable golf tournaments, while promoting sponsors with branded video impressions

After launching in 2016, Bantr Inc has developed a comprehensive digital media program that showcases live and sponsors to the digital audience in real time using live-streaming technology and social media strategy.

During 2015, Bantr’s program has been used by high profile golf tournaments including the Joe Carter Classic Golf Tournament, the NHL Alumni Golf Tournament and the Jose Bautista Celebrity Golf Classic among others. The team captures highlights of an event; including sponsor activations on holes and candid moments on the course. They also conduct interviews with high profile attendees like event organizers, charity or sponsor spokespeople and celebrity guests. These videos are then processed through a media centre in real time and released through designated social media channels in the form of short video clips, complete with sponsor and event logos on a custom banner.

“Our program really strengthens the association between brand and event. Sponsors get a true return on investment by getting to showcase their activations to a massive audience that would otherwise miss out,” says Danielle Fernandes, President of Bantr Inc. “You have to go multimedia on social now, straight text just won’t get the engagement and interviews are a great vehicle for spokespeople to get their message out there.”

Fernandes is a veteran of sports media and her years of experience and upbeat personality add to the atmosphere for attendees and it shines through in the interview clips. She is also well versed in the corporate sponsorship world and knows the right questions to ask to get the perfect sound-bites that sponsors, charities and event managers are looking for.

After a successful first golf season, Bantr SE is looking to expand its digital media program across North America. The program can be booked by golf event managers or by sponsors looking to gain digital impressions with their branded banner on all video clips.

Measurable Benefits for Charity Golf Events;

  • Bantr provides comprehensive digital coverage for golf tournaments. Using short video clips, interviews and social media that promote charities, branding and sponsorship. All clips include a banner with sponsor and event logos.
  • Social Media content lives in the moment. Video clips are distributed live through Twitter and Facebook to give events a digital identity while the event is taking place, not days after.
  • Brands use many resources on tournament sponsorship and hole activation’s, but it is only seen by the people there. Bantr SE showcases the event to the digital audience.
  • Bantr videos showcase the courses, the participants, the sponsors, and the charities. Using interviews, Bantr generates the right sound bites that effectively convey the desired message. Interviews create a tighter association between brand and cause.

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